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News February 21, 2018

US rapper accuses Melbourne Airport customs of racial profiling

US rapper accuses Melbourne Airport customs of racial profiling

American rapper and producer Le1f has levelled accusations of racism and racial profiling at Melbourne Airport customs.

The artist, real name Khalif Diouf, claims that upon arriving inMelbourne for his Australian tour, he was singled out by a customs officer.

In a series of tweets, Le1f says that this is only one of multiple times that he’s been singled out by the same security officer upon arriving at the airport.

“A customs security at Melbourne Airport who’s been singling me out when I enter Australia just did it again,” he said.

“I said as a black man, I go through it a lot. He said ‘keep using that black stuff on me, and I’ll report you to my supervisor’ and that he’ll make my life harder.”

Le1f went on to explain that he doesn’t love Australia, but loves “to perform, to be with friends & to make money.

“These are all things i can do in Australia as well as in a number of other white-homogeneous or colonized lands, and I choose to do so here at the expense of blatant racism on a daily basis.”

He continued, “just because America is racist doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t. globally, colorism has been rampant since social darwinism inspired colonialism. being defensive about someone’s experience of discrimination doesn’t fix the problem, but implies you condone it.”

After Melbourne Airport responded to him asking for further details of the incident, he responded “I’m sorry but i do not have faith that, if i pursue this in this way, the institutions and systems of bureaucracy in this country will not find a way to punish me for my freedom of speech, which is not a right in the Australian constitution.”

Le1f has since responded again to the airport, giving details of when and where the incident occurred.

He is set to play shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne whilst on tour.


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