News February 8, 2018

Universal Publishing Production Music rebrands to Universal Production Music in Australia

Universal Publishing Production Music rebrands to Universal Production Music in Australia

Production music supplier Universal Publishing Production Music will now be known in Australia as Universal Production Music.

It is part of a global rebranding instituted in 17 territories outside the United States which also includes the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia.

The company explained: “The refreshed corporate identity better accentuates alignment with Universal Music Group, the world leader in music-based entertainment, and differentiates the UPPM global production music parent from its individual brand affiliates around the world.”

The rebrand includes a new multinational website with intuitive interface and functionality for use by clients and industry professionals.

Inspired by popular streaming platforms, the new website allows users to seamlessly search and discover music, save playlists, and collaborate and share directly.

“The new approach offers customized service based on specific user requirements, fostering state-of-the-art creativity and collaboration.”

“As home to the best production music in the world, Universal Publishing Production Music is embracing innovative global technologies specifically designed to exceed our clients’ expectations when it comes to finding the perfect music for their projects,” said Michael Sammis, president of Universal Publishing Production Music Worldwide.

“The rebrand is also a key part of our marketplace leadership strategy, and the Universal Production Music identity both clarifies and strengthens alignment with the world’s leading music company.”

Additional territories are scheduled to go live throughout 2017 (partner sites) and into early 2018 for other UPPM brands.

These include Killer Tracks (USA), FirstCom Music (USA), Focus Music (UK), Kapagama (France) and Paris Music (Poland), all of which will retain their current brand identities for the time being.

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