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News November 22, 2019

Universal Music launches app to track streams, socials & playlists

Universal Music launches app to track streams, socials & playlists

Universal Music has launched a new analytics app which allows their artists and managers to track streaming activity, social media engagement and additions to playlists.

The app, called Universal Music Artists (UMA), has an artist dashboard which displays total audience, total streams, Spotlight Songs activity, Spotlight Videos performance and Insights on significant changes.

The Music tab will show the real-time performance of Top 40 songs (overall and by platform, globally and by country) and YouTube views (globally and by country).

The Audience tab shows Listeners and streams over time by platform, Top platforms (listeners by platform), Engagement (active versus passive streams), Top Countries and Regions (overall and by platform) and Demographics (age and gender).

Streaming data is viewable from Universal’s licensing partners Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and YouTube, with Deezer added in 2020.

The app will provide an alerts of which of the artist’s tracks have been added to any playlist around the world, updated every 30 minutes.

Social engagement data comes from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Universal artists and managers can make future plans by finding out which platforms followers are utilising, interactions (likes, comments, shares, tweets, retweets) and where the activity is most happening and what kind of posts get the most response.

Shawn Mendes’ manager Andrew Gertler, of New York-based AG Artists, said, “It’s great to have a comprehensive analytical tool like UMA, to access real time data and be able to make decisions with the most up to date information.

“We’ve always taken a holistic approach to the success of Shawn’s music, which means ensuring everything across all platforms is working in sync and watching how fans interact with music across all the major touchpoints including streaming, video and socials.

“This is all really only possible with innovative tools like this.”

Zack Morgenroth, partner at Los Angeles-based Lighthouse Management & Media added: “UMA is the only place where I can see an overview in one place of how fans and consumers are reacting, which helps us strategize for the future.

“By having everything consolidated, I’m able to cut down the amount of time that I’m pulling information and instead focus on output.

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