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News October 27, 2015

Two Brisbane management companies merge

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Brisbane management companies The Fans Group and Golden District have announced a merger.

Fans Creative Management, a full service company, has launched with DZ Deathrays, The John Steel Singers, The Creases, Jeremy Neale, Velociraptor, Philadelphia Grand Jury, Feelings and MT (Aus only) as well as The Fans Group’s venue booking, marketing, operations and events companies.

The Fans Group’s Jesse Barbera told TMN he and Golden District’s Maggie Collins have worked together for the past couple of years. In late 2013 Collins bought in as a partner of The Fans Group.

“Maggie and I have been friends for a long time. We always toyed with the idea of doing something together. As our rosters grew we saw a benefit in merging and bringing it all within the fans group of companies. It provides more financial stability for us and the bands as well as a wider away of resources for our clients. And it seemed like it would be pretty fun (it is).”

Collins, an ex-Music Director for Brisbane’s 4ZZZ and current triple j presenter, said: “We finally want to introduce our merger and what Fans Creative Management is, to the world. There are big things on the horizon for all of our acts and us as entrepreneurs and music enthusiasts.”

The pair co-own Brisbane venues Alhambra Lounge, the recently launched Brightside and Hotel Metropole, and run events including the Blurst of Times, Stranded and Aloha.

The merger ceases the operation of Golden District while The Fans Group is still the overarching parent company, with interests in Fans Creative Management and the co-owned venues.

Collins is Managing Director of Fans Creative Management and a Director in parent company The Fans Group. Barbera is Managing Director of the whole of The Fans Group and a Director and Manager under Fans Creative Management.

“Maggie really is the driving force behind the management company,” Barbera told TMN. “I keep an eye on all the different balls we have in the air and assist with Maggie in managing our clients.

“My vision is to just basically help foster the careers of my friends, who also happen to be great musicians,” Barbera added. “It’s a pretty good excuse to travel the world partying with my mates and helping them grow their businesses (I’m fairly certain maggie has a more ’adult’ vision than I do!)”

Collins and Barbera will unofficially launch the company during BIGSOUND at their venue Alhambra Lounge on Wednesday September 10 from midnight.


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