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News August 14, 2018

Turnbull government announces efficiency review of the ABC and SBS

Turnbull government announces efficiency review of the ABC and SBS

When Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the 2018 Budget back in May, it was revealed that the Federal government were set to undertake a review in regards to the efficiency of the ABC and SBS. Now, the review is underway, with the government ready to go over the broadcasters’ spending with a fine tooth comb.

Overseen by former Foxtel chief executive Peter Tonagh and former Australian Communications and Media Authority acting chairman Richard Bean, the efficiency review is set to look at just how the public broadcasters are spending their funds, and if its in the best interest of the Aussie taxpayers.

“The ABC and SBS are vital public news and cultural institutions that are an important underpinning of media diversity and represent a major Commonwealth contribution to civic journalism,” explained Communications Minister Minister Fifield in a statement.

“In the fast-evolving world of media organisations, it is important to support our public broadcasters to be the best possible stewards of taxpayer dollars in undertaking their important work for the community.”

“The review will assist the public broadcasters as they approach the next funding triennium through which more than $3.9 billion will be provided from July 2019.”

This news is undoubtedly making workers at the ABC a little bit nervous, with the 2018 Budget also revealing that a spending cut of $84 million was to take place from July of 2019, with a further $43 million in funding being cut from news and current affairs.

Likewise, the ABC was also faced with uncertainty back in June following the Liberal Party’s vote to sell of the broadcaster. While the Turnbull government did deny that a privatisation was on the cards, news of a spending review following talks of spending cuts is undoubtedly making everyone question what the future may hold.

The results of the efficiency review are expected to be reported sometime in October.

Let’s efficiently review The Jackson 5’s ‘ABC’:

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