Chart Analysis March 19, 2019

Tropical Fuck Storm land at #1 on Amrap’s Metro Chart

Tropical Fuck Storm land at #1 on Amrap’s Metro Chart

Community radio provides a huge amount of support for Australian music, with almost 40% of music played coming from Australian artists. Taste-making presenters excel at giving airtime to an incredible spread of what Aussie artists have to offer. The Amrap Metro and Amrap Regional Charts provide insight into what’s getting airplay and attention on community radio each week. Here’s the lowdown on some tunes charting this week.

Harvey Sutherland – #4 Amrap Metro

Melbourne based producer, DJ and funk synthesist Mike Katz steadily made a name for himself amongst Australia’s bubbling electronic underground before reaching international acclaim in 2013 with a series of successful 12″ records under his nom de plume, Harvey Sutherland. ‘Something In The Water’ showcases Sutherland’s crate digging influences; blending hints of soul and funk with bold synths that wash over intricate samba-style percussion. The track is punctured with an underlying message of hope amid dire environmental warnings and a smooth, looping gospel matra delivered by Jace XL. Wavy and relevant, Harvey Sutherland is set for a huge with stations like Perth’s RTR FM, Sydney’s and Brisbane’s 4ZZZ already getting down to his latest.  

Quivers – #4 Amrap Regional

Following the release of their cathartic LP, We’ll Go Riding On The Hearses in 2018, Quivers are back to deliver more songs made for road trips with ghosts. ‘You’re Not Always On My Mind’ tightens up the band’s signature jangly guitars and shouted choruses to make way for their first real pop outing. It’s shiny and wistful with a distant 90’s rock vibe – like something R.E.M. might have put out if they grew up in the Tasmanian wilderness. The track has an almost anthemic build accompanied by angelic backup vocals and a sense of sepia-toned nostalgia. Lyrically, it’s a familiar tune directed at someone to prove just how much you’re not thinking about them. Community stations like Hobart’s Edge Radio, Mountain District Radio in Victoria’s Dandenongs and SA’s Radio are all paying attention.

Tiana Khasi – #3 Amrap Metro

Brisbane-based artist Tiana Khasi shares ‘They Call Me’ from her forthcoming debut EP MEGHALAYA, out 29 March via Soul Has No Tempo. The Sampology produced debut is a rich tapestry of styles and influences, with inspiration drawing from themes of self-empowerment, family and heritage. Khasi’s celestial voice carries the track amid earthy electronic production and offbeat syths. It’s jazzy neo-soul at its finest and in her own words, “[I wrote this] to challenge the problematic depictions of women in history and literature, [as] a tribute to the fierce women whose rebellion, fire and strength inspires me, especially my Tinā ole Tinā (Nana). [This is] an anthem for all women to abandon shame, reclaim and redefine the names they’ve been given; and be the authors of their own story”. Hobart’s Edge Radio, Triple R in Melbourne and Perth’s RTR FM are already ahead of the wave.

Formidable Vegetable – #5 Amrap Regional

With a wheelbarrow full of dirty electro radish-beets, crusty jazz ukulele, swingin’ strings and hyperactive horns, Formidable Vegetable have been acclaimed by the United Nations as ‘singing about the important issues of our time’. Using their quirky brand of musical activism to de-pave the world’s problems and plant fertile solutions, the Veggie’s have had immense global success. ‘Frustration’ is a funk-soul lament about the world’s inability to change in the face of destruction but it’s far from joyless. Featuring a Stevie-flavoured ukulele groove back by plenty of big band brass, it’s an intelligent piece that’s sure to get you moving. Bay FM in Byron Bay NSW, Radio in SA and Voice of The Avon in WA are all getting down to ‘Frustration’.

Pearl The Girl – #7 Amrap Regional

‘Little Animal’ is the latest offering from actress-turned songstress Pearl The Girl who burst onto the scene last year with her pure indie-rock style and raw lyricism. Using her experience of tapping into emotional character banks to harvest genuine depth and brutal honesty, Pearl’s music is as venomous as it is bouncy. ‘Little Animal’ is a classic tale of a one-night stand, played out in poppy delight with plenty of bite. The Sydney-sider’s debut album Just A Phase is set for release later in and if what we’ve seen so far is anything to go by, it’s going to be a cracker. Melbourne’s PBS, Brisbane’s 4ZZZ and Sydney’s Northside Radio will be playing all her singles in anticipation.

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