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News October 27, 2015

Triple J Pick of the Week

No Fun

Can The Presets ever do wrong? After ten years and three stellar albums, the trusty stalwarts of the Australian dance scene continue to not only deliver the goods, but grow and develop musically into exciting new territories. No Fun is the latest in their long line of hits; a pounding techno jam, driven with energetic, squelching synths and Julian’s haunting voice interspersed with jarring robotic call-outs. It’s the second in a series of singles the duo plan to release throughout 2014 in a long-lead up to album #4 (whenever that may arrive).

Not one to rest on their laurels, The Presets have also teamed up with award winning director Banaby Roper (who has made film clips for the likes of Davie Bowie, Kanye West and Banks) to develop an interactive video for the song, which they’re claiming is a world first – a six sided cube which plays six different clips for No Fun at once, allowing the viewer to manipulate their own unique audiovisual interpretation of the track in real time. It’s pretty damn impressive, check out the cube (and the track) below.

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