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News November 27, 2015

Totem Onelove issues statement following Sydney arrests

Totem Onelove Group have issued a statement following the arrests of two Sydney men.

The pair were arrested and charged for drug offences in the lead up to tomorrow’s Stereosonic festival. The two men were caught trying to drill holes in the festival’s grounds days before the security fences went up in an attempt to stash drugs on the grounds.

Totem Onelove Group’s Marketing director John Curtin said organisers have beefed up security following the breach.

“We were disappointed to learn that two individuals have been arrested allegedly planting drugs at the site and vicinity before the security fences are erected. The entire precinct has engaged extra police and security presence this year, with 4 major events and over 150,000 people expected this weekend.

“We are being publicly vigilant to our patrons about our zero tolerance for drugs, unfortunately these two individuals have demonstrated their lack of respect for the law and for their fellow Stereosonic attendees and are banned from future events.”

The two men will face court in February on supply and possession charges as well as malicious damage and trespassing.

One of the defendants Zane Raffie, 21, was spotted last Friday night by onsite security supposedly trying todrill a hole into a building situated on the festival’s complex. When confronted by security Raffie fled the scene. Police later searched Raffie’s house where they and seized 10 MDMA tablets as well as a “prohibited plant”.

On the following Tuesday night security witnessed more suspicious behaviour when they saw 22-year-old Ali Ghoneim roaming the grounds. Police were called to the scene where Ghoneim was detained and his car searched. Police seized 95 ecstasy tablets and alleged that Ghoneim was also planning to stash the tablets on the grounds.

The two men were caught on separate occasions and a link to the two is yet to be determined.

The desperation of their actions has been highlighted by authorities with police Inspector Chris Laid issuing a warning to future patrons that are considering doing the same. “At the end of the day, if you’re planning to take drugs in, you’ll get caught. If you’ve already secreted drugs, we’ve already found them so don’t bother turning up.”

Over 150,000 people are expected to pass through the grounds tomorrow with four separate events occurring including a Taylor Swift concert. This is set to be one of the biggest weekends the Sydney Olympic Park has experienced since the Olympics in 2000.


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