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News September 30, 2021

Tones and I to perform in Fortnite’s Soundwave Series

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Tones and I to perform in Fortnite’s Soundwave Series

Photo credit: Giulia McGauran 

Survival video game Fortnite is bringing more global artists and music to its metaverse.

The Fortnite Soundwave Series will celebrate breakout music and artists from around the world, including Australia’s Tones and I.

In addition to its Save the World and Battle Royale formats, Fortnite offers a sandbox game mode, Fortnite Creative, where players are given freedom to use the online world’s elements and create games and challenges.

The gaming platform is also increasingly hosting entertainment experiences, with all experiences in the Soundwave Series built by community creators with tools available from Fortnite Creative.

In previous live entertainment offerings, millions of fans around the world engaged with Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour online.

The Rift Tour was “a journey to new realities”, the platform said, where players were able to jump through unique environments featuring Fortnite motifs, magical environments and a one-of-a-kind performance from Grande.

Travis Scott and Fortnite also collaborated on the Astronomical concert event.

Nate Nanzer, vice president of global partnerships at Epic Games, said music transcends any language and has been a beloved part of Fortnite’s journey since its first in-game concert in 2019.

“The Soundwave Series continues that legacy and will introduce incredible crossover artists from around the world to millions of new fans inside Fortnite Creative, where there are virtually no limits on what can be designed by our community,” he said.

The first Fortnite Soundwave Series will kick off locally at 4am on Saturday, October 2, with details of the Tones and I event to come soon.

Tones and I said: “I’ve been working with the Fortnite team for the Soundwave Series and it’s gonna be sick.”

This month it was also revealed Tones and I had partnered with Cricket Australia to help it relaunch its Big Bash League.

“The new Nike kits for this year’s Big Bash are sick and I’m looking forward to getting to a match. At the end of the day, cricket is the real winner,” she said of the collaboration.


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