News October 22, 2018

Tim Hollo steps down as CEO of Green Music Australia

Tim Hollo steps down as CEO of Green Music Australia
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Tim Hollo has stepped down from his role as CEO of (GMA), 5 ½ years after he set it up.

The passionate environmentalist, community activist, political strategist and musician (FourPlay String Quartet) is focussing on a parliamentary career with the Greens.

GMA has been highly successful using the power of 100 musicians and countless music fans to transform 30 festivals into becoming plastic-free, and popularising ways to make oceans a safer place for its inhabitants.

In one initiative, a collaboration with Positive Change For Marine Life and SITG artists to clean up Seven Mile Beach hauled 12 kg of waste and over 2000 pieces in one hour.

Two GMA staffers, Berish Bilander and Emma Bosworth, will take over as co-CEOs.

Hollo explains, “When I started Green Music, I had in mind that, in a few years, the organisation would be chugging along well and I would be able to step back and watch it make the world a better, greener place.

“Now is the time for me to do that.

“With Berish and Emma doing amazing work with artists and festivals and venues across the country, I am absolutely confident that they will lead the organisation with great skill, imagination, and commitment, to keep greening the music scene.”

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