News October 3, 2018

Ticket resellers included in Live Performance Australia’s latest Ticketing Code of Practice

Ticket resellers included in Live Performance Australia’s latest Ticketing Code of Practice

Live Performance Australia (LPA)’s latest edition of its Ticketing Code of Practice has been expanded to include companies that operate in the secondary ticket market.

The code sets out the Australian live industry best practice standards for companies selling tickets to live events to ensure the interests of consumers are protected and promoted.

It is mandatory for LPA members.

“Given the growth of ticket resale over the last few years, and concerns raised about consumer welfare, it was important to extend the Code of Practice to operators in the resale market,” said LPA chief executive, Evelyn Richardson.

“There’s a legitimate role for ticket resale – but it’s essential consumers know what they’re buying, from whom, and what their rights are in the resale market.”

The code makes it clear what ticket sellers should do, and what consumers can expect from ticket sellers.

Richardson expanded, “For example, resale operators must ensure they protect consumer monies so that in the event the ticket doesn’t work, that money is returned to the purchaser.

“Better informed consumers will help us shut down the shonks and scammers and make sure that everyone gets a better deal: the ticket-buying public, our performers, producers and event promoters.”

The revised Ticketing Code of Practice can be found here.

Some states have introduced legislation that protects events by designating them as Major Events, or by limiting the number of tickets that can be re-sold, capping the profit that can be made to 10% and demanding extra information be supplied to the would-be buyer to make a better-informed decision.

Promoters have to void tickets bought illegally through some dubious platforms.

Challenges facing consumers and the live music sector areadvances in technology that make scalping tickets easier than ever, and lack of proper enforcement.

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