New Signings January 8, 2021

Jack White’s Third Man Records signs Natalie Bergman

Jack White’s Third Man Records signs Natalie Bergman
Photo credit: Jamie Gray

Jack White and Ben Swank’s Third Man Records has signed signing Natalie Bergman of brother-sister act Wild Belle for her debut solo album.

The US label is distributed in Australia by Rocket.

Alongside her brother Elliot, Wild Belle collaborated with a range of artists from Major Lazer to Tom Tom Club.

Third Man described Bergman’s debut, self-produced solo album as one that “promises a spiritual healing perfectly-timed and much-needed in the wake of 2020’s devastation”.

Swank added: “Natalie has a unique vision and has approached this album with a
reverence for the sacred and healing nature of the history of this music, but has
managed to update it in a way that is distinctly her own.”

Musically it covers psychedelic rock and soul, relying on her multi-instrumental

The first preview of the album is an occultish rendition of ‘I Will Praise You”’– “a
song I wrote about perseverance during an unkind time” – performed from a garden where she and her band sing through a series of restorative rituals.

The label has also announced an album release by Detroit guitarist Danny Kroha.

Kroha was founding member along with Mick Collins (later of the Dirtbombs) of influential Detroit minimal garage rock trio The Gories.

He drops his sophomore solo album Detroit Blues on February 5.

It comprises largely of his interpretations of traditional folk, blues and gospel songs from the public domain, created with old-style DIY instruments like the one-string washtub bass, jug bass and The Diddley Bow.

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