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News June 19, 2019

Michael Gudinski on the first time he heard The Temper Trap

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Michael Gudinski on the first time he heard The Temper Trap

It’s been 10 years since The Temper Trap released their breakthrough debut Conditions, an album that Michael Gudinski credits the Brits for breaking.

It remains the band’s most successful album, and their seminal hit ‘Sweet Disposition’ continues to reach new audiences one decade later thanks to streaming.

In celebration of the 10th birthday of Conditions, the band are embarking on a national tour and releasing a white vinyl re-issue through Liberation Records.

The album is certified 2x Platinum in Australia and Gold in the UK.

Gudinski knew there was something “special” about the band from the moment he heard Dougy Mandagi’s voice.

“It was truly unique,” he tells TMN.

Temper Trap manager Danny Rogers agrees that Dougy’s voice was a huge factor when it came to their sound and success.

“The album was made by Jim Abiss who came to Australia and worked on a shoestring budget to help get it to make sense for us financially,” Rogers tells TMN.

“He was so taken by Dougy’s voice.

“We all had a very strong feeling that they were making something truly special, yet, we had no idea it was going to be as big as it was.”

Mandagi tells TMN they didn’t have “the slightest idea” about the impact the album.

“We were just writing music that felt good to us,” he says.

As for working with liberation, I think we’re one of the lucky ones, in that we have a label who really support and believe in us.

“When you would personally go out and have a beer with people from the label you’re on, that’s a valuable thing.”

And special they turned out to be, becoming a hugely important act for Mushroom.

“The Temper Trap were the first act that we [really] broke through as a new artist,” Gudinski says.

Reflecting on the trajectory of the band, Gudinski recalls the turning point for ‘Sweet Disposition’ came when the song broke through in England.

“Had it not been a Top 5 hit in England the song could have been lost,” he says.

“It could have easily slipped under the radar. We didn’t get much radio support initially. It’s frustrating to know that if the song hadn’t had success in England it might have been missed [in Australia]”.

‘Sweet Disposition’ would go on to be Certified Platinum in the US, 3x Platinum in the UK and 5x Platinum in Australia.

It peaked at #14 on the TMN Hot 100, and has also spent over 200 weeks on the AIR Singles Chart.

Its longevity has been proven in the fact that it recently passed 225 million streams on Spotify.

“Great songs will stand the test of time,” says Gudinski. “It’s a song that will go on. It’s one of the great Australian songs of all time.”

Along with the vinyl re-issue of Conditions, The Temper Trap have announced a special anniversary tour.

“I can’t promise new music but we’ll playing songs that we haven’t played since the very very early days of Temper Trap,” says Mandagi.

“We’re so out of practice when we start rehearsals that some of the songs are going to feel brand new.

“I’m also really excited to see how it’ll feel to play the album in order from top to bottom.”

The Temper Trap begin their ‘Conditions’ anniversary tour in Melbourne on December 4, before shows in Brisbane (December 5) and Sydney (December 7). For ticketing information head to


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