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New Music December 4, 2020

Adelaide artist Tawny K brings Christmas cheer in new single

Adelaide artist Tawny K brings Christmas cheer in new single

Adelaide R&B, pop and EDM singer-songwriter Tawny K has released a new track to ring in the festive season.

Her latest single, the Christmas-themed ‘New Way to Be’, is a snapshot of a time when Australians are emerging from the loneliness of pandemic isolation to reigniting relationships during the festive season.

Says Tawny Keranovich, “I love Christmas. The whole season brings me a lot of joy.

“It is never about what is under the tree or the food I eat, but about the friends and family in my life, and the many occasions I share with them throughout the season.

“I believe that is conveyed in the lyrics of this song. Even if listeners feel alone, I am reaching out to them through this song with a big hug.”

She goes on to explain, “All of my music is about real and relevant things in our lives.

“The story behind this song is about connection, remaining joined with the people that matter.

“2020 has forced us to redefine how we communicate and engage. I hope that the song gives people a small break in what has been a very tough year.”

It’s not Tawny’s first Christmas song, having previously released ‘No Diamonds For Christmas’.

Her mission remains the same as when she first started writing: to be fresh, honest and encouraging, but also to be a role model for the younger generation and inspire them to be the best version of themselves.

Tawny sums up, “With so many influences in the media nowadays, it’s important to know what you want in life, be true to yourself, and go out and get it!”

She explains how those sentiments are underlined in ‘New Way to Be’: “We truly are ‘all in this together’, not just our street, our suburb, our cities or even our country – this has touched the whole world.”


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