Sync Watch June 10, 2020

Sync Watch: Kate Ceberano leads a 150-person choir for Audika

Sync Watch: Kate Ceberano leads a 150-person choir for Audika

Singer-songwriter Kate Ceberano has lent her pipes to a campaign by Audika, helping draw attention to a new helpline to support Aussies with hearing loss.

The campaign was created by Poem, who recently won the creative and PR accounts for Audika.

Ceberano is joined by 150 people from all over the country to perform ‘Call Me’ by Blondie. Members of Soul Song Choir and Humming Song Choir make up some of the numbers.

The Audika Hearing Care Help Line supports the one in seven Aussies suffering hearing loss.

“I grew up listening to the classic rock songs of Blondie with my parents and family so jumped at the chance to sing this iconic number,” Ceberano said.

“It’s a unique situation being part of a virtual choir, seeing how music can still come together through times of isolation has been so rewarding to see.”

The campaign will roll-out with assets across digital, social media, radio and PR.

“Singing in choirs is a great way for communities to connect and share the love of music. Seeing how this could still be done during isolation, has been inspiring to hear and see,” said Jane Muir, Audika managing director Australian and New Zealand.

“With nearly four million Australians experiencing hearing loss, we were focused on delivering a service that not only guides and supports our hearing loss community but one that easily connects them to highly trained clinicians.”

The Audika Hearing Care Help Line can be reached on 1800 519 849 or via Live Chat service,

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