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Sync Watch June 30, 2021

Sync Watch: BWS releases epic adventure ad backed by Jono’s ‘Calabasas’

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Sync Watch: BWS releases epic adventure ad backed by Jono’s ‘Calabasas’

BWS is pushing its delivery capabilities by showcasing a much more difficult world, one ‘before convenience’.

The epic tale of adventure, as one man sets off across rough terrain to locate alcohol, is backed by Jono’s recent track ‘Calabasas’.

Jono is a rapper/ producer from Melbourne who has said he’s not afraid to use his music to tackle tough topics. He also uses witty wordplay to increase his appeal and reach the masses.

‘Calabasas’ was given a big platform via the BWS ad during its screening as part of Sunday night’s State of Origin clash.

The ad is part of Channel 9’s competition, State of Originality, which endeavours to make television advertising around big sporting moments more memorable, impactful and on a larger-scale.

It’s aiming to make State of Origin advertising more on par with what is seen during the US Super Bowl, where big brand messages are part of the creativity, spectacle and entertainment of the day.

BWS’ ad is one of the finalists, with the ultimate winner after the State of Origin round three clash securing $1 million worth of advertising across Nine’s various platforms including television, online video, radio and news outlets.

Jono noted the significance of being involved in such a big TV moment.

“It’s ridiculous to say the least – never would have thought at this stage in my career that my music would be in an ad for such a massive company and to have the exposure it’s had,” he told TMN. “Never get tired of getting messages from people who’ve seen it and it’s a milestone ticked off for sure.”

The sync was secured by Charmed I’m Sure.

Jono is signed to Teamwrk Records and ‘Calabasas’ was his first release after the label and management deal.

Teamwrk said it has a lot planned for the artist in the coming 12 to 24 months.


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