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Sync Watch April 5, 2018

Sync Watch: Mark Ronson, Shawn Mendes and Ayla help soundtrack big national campaigns

Sync Watch: Mark Ronson, Shawn Mendes and Ayla help soundtrack big national campaigns

Mark Ronson x Optus

Brand / Production: Optus ‘Get Splashy’ campaign with Swimming Australia

Agency / Music supervisor: 72&Sunny

Artist: Mark Ronson Feat. Ghostface Killah, Nate Dogg & Trife

Track: ‘Ooh Wee’

Writers: Coffey & Hebb

Publisher: UMPG / Music Sales

Label: Warner / UMA

This fun, summer-drenched Optus ‘Get Splashy’ campaign highlights that Australian’s seemingly evolved to live on land after millennia living in the water. With the tagline ‘Swimming is what we do’, ‘Ooh Wee’ gives a quick snapshot of the partnership between Optus and Swimming Australia.

Shawn Mendes x Ford

Brand / Production: Ford SUV TVC – “Free Your SUV”

Artist: Shawn Mendes

Track: ‘There’s Nothin’ Holdin’ Me Back’

Writers: Mendes, Geiger, Friedman, Warburton

Publisher: UMPG / Mushroom / Warner Chapel & Sony/ATV

Label: ISL / UMA

Pitched by the UMPG licensing team, Ford in their latest SUV TVC use the high energy the Shawn Mendes track ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’ to ask the question; “When did the SUV become precious?”. Featuring puppers and doggos from all walks of life, Ford show their 2018 SUV range escaping into the wild and living life – because there’s nothing holding you back!

‘Confide In Me’ x Foxtel

Brand / Production: Foxtel’s long-awaited remake of the classic legendary tale of the Picnic At Hanging Rock

Agency / Music supervisor: SoundSauce Licensing

Artist: Elana Stone re-record

Track: ‘Confide In Me’

Writers: David Seaman/Stephen Anderson/Barton Owain

Publisher: Universal Music Publishing / Musiqware

Foxtel were looking for an iconic song that could be stripped back to fit with the haunting style of the story of A Picnic At Hanging Rock.

AB Original x Monash University

Brand / Production: Monash University’s “If You Don’t Like It, Change It” promo video

Agency / Music supervisor: Y&R / Level Two Music

Artist: AB Original

Track: ‘Blaccout’

Writers: Briggs & Rankine

Publisher: Sony ATV

Label: Golden Era Records

Level Two Music supervised this confronting piece for Monash University featuring the latest song from A.B Original called “Blaccout”. It’s created a lot of discussion and awareness online – check it out!

OKENYO x VicHealth

Brand / Production: VicHealth’s “This Girl Can” campaign

Agency / Music supervisor: The Shannon Company / Level Two Music

Artist: OKENYO, Miss Blanks & Jesswar

Track: ‘WOMAN’S WORLD 2.0’

Writers: OKENYO, Towers, Vandermuelen, Koroi

Publisher: Native Tongue

Label: Elefant Traks

‘WOMAN’S WORLD 2.0’ was the perfect song for Vic Health’s “This Girl Can” campaign, which encourages women to be active and stay fit and healthy. VicHealth launched the campaign on 26 March at Melbourne’s Federation Square and OKENYO was in attendance to show her support for the worthy message.

This Girl Can – Victoria

We're celebrating women who are all kinds of active – no matter how well they do it, how they look or how sweaty they get.

Posted by This Girl Can VIC on Saturday, 24 March 2018

‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’ x NRMA

Brand / Production: NRMA ‘Help Is Who We Are’ campaign

Agency / Music supervisor: Level Two Music and Ayla

Artist: Ayla re-record

Track: ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’

Writers: Hunters & Collectors

Publisher: Mushroom Music Publishing

It’s an iconic Australian song that everyone no doubt feels a connection to, and works perfectly for NRMA’s national (excl. Vic.) ‘Help Is Who We Are’ campaign. It’s a pretty big moment for Hunters & Collectors too, who have never considered approving an ad campaign for this song previously.

Sync-ready Spotlight: King Princess – ‘1950’

Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Writers: Mikaela Straus, Nick Long

King Princess is not afraid to bare her soul – she takes complicated feelings and turns them into a simply beautiful tune. The theme of unrequited love is no stranger to music; however, King Princess refreshingly, delicately, and effortlessly delivers us an experience into all of the emotions associated with the moments and struggles of falling in love. Perfect for any love scene.

Licensing enquiries contact: [email protected]


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