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News September 29, 2017

Sydney’s liquor laws relaxed (slightly) from this weekend

Sydney’s liquor laws relaxed (slightly) from this weekend

The State Government has announced they are relaxing the (draconian) lock out laws slightly, once again.

From this weekend small bars in the CBD and Kings Cross will be able to serve straight spirits after midnight – no longer necessitating the rude introduction of watered-down diet Pepsi into your evening as the clock chimes midnight (if the venue you’re at doesn’t have a clock that chimes, exit immediately).

In licensing terms, a small bar is a venue that holds 100 people or less.

Keep Sydney Open were the driving force behind this change – they celebrated on their Facebook, writing: “Good news! We met with the Minister in charge of Liquor and Gaming last month and raised the issue of unmixed drinks after midnight. Now as of next week, small bars will no longer be required to destroy fine spirits with mixers!

“It’s a small step but a good one. It was a rule that highlighted how patronising Sydney’s laws are, particularly to overseas visitors.

“It seems our efforts are paying off! Have a great weekend.”

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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