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News November 9, 2022

Support Act Launches National ‘Creative Minds’ Workshops

Support Act Launches National ‘Creative Minds’ Workshops

Creative minds don’t think alike.

Support Act, the music industry charity, launches a spanking new national event, designed for the full spectrum of music professionals, from artists and performers to songwriters, producer, DJs, engineers, music teachers and more.

A one-day workshop, “Creative Minds” is an opportunity to reconnect and learn with other creatives, kicking off next week in Adelaide (Nov. 15), followed by dates in Sydney (Nov. 22) Brisbane (Nov. 29) and Melbourne (Dec. 6).

Each gathering promises a range of “immersive activities,” a rep explains, which are designed to help participants challenge and expand existing notions of creativity, and develop cognitive and organisational strategies to boost divergent thinking, expand awareness and promote productivity.

Within each session, reads a statement, guests will have the opportunity to meet and connect with other creatives working in music, and have the space to ask questions and receive support from King and special industry guest.

The workshops explore:
– The myths and perils of creativity, tackling destructive and restrictive ideas related to what it means to “be creative”
– Goal-setting, and helps support participants to set healthy and strategic goals (using evidence-based techniques including mental contrasting and intention implementation)
– Values and the importance of “defining your why” when it comes to creative pursuits
– How to nurture conditions for creativity, including the importance of play, environment, flow-states, mindfulness and downtime
– Creative tools and techniques to help participants operate in the system of creativity, and explore the four laws of creative success

Support Act’s in-house psychologist and expert in the field of creativity, Ash King, will facilitate.

Daily sessions run from 10am–5pm, and include two 20-minute breaks, plus a one-hour lunch break, which is fully catered.

The interactive workshops carry a registration fee of $50, and each participant will take home a “creativity workbook.” Capacity is capped at 24.

Support Act delivers crisis relief services to musicians, managers, crew and music workers who are unable to work due to ill health, injury, a mental health issue or some other crisis.

The organisation, which this year celebrates its 25th year in service, also develops and implements essential mental health and wellbeing programs and services.

Register here for Creative Minds and visit Support Act for more information.

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