April 12, 2018

Spotify’s planned announcement on April 24 begins speculation: smart speaker or car streaming?

Staff Writer
Spotify’s planned announcement on April 24 begins speculation: smart speaker or car streaming?

Spotify has sent out invitations for a major announcement in New York on April 24.

It’s sparked off speculation that the Swedish streaming service is moving into the hardware market where rivals Apple and Amazon have long generated escalating profits.

It makes sense for Spotify to do so, as currently its existence depends on finding revenue options to its streaming.

This year ads from Spotify have been popping up for an operations manager in Hardware Product, a project manager in Hardware Production and Engineering, as well as a senior manager.

The advertisement for the operations manager explained that the role would “contribute in the creation of innovative Spotify experiences” via connected hardware that will have an impact on “the way the world experiences music”.

That Spotify is launching a smart speaker is the most popular rumour.

The company has also been testing out voice search, so a personal assistant could come with the speaker.

But of late, the speculation has turned to the device being one which allows Spotify to stream directly into a car.

Recently selected users began receiving special offers for just this, offering a bundle at $13 per month and with a 12-month commitment.

It is most likely bundled with Spotify Premium service.

A website reported, “A few Redditors say they received a promotional splash screen when they opened the Spotify player one day for a so-called ‘Spotify Car Player.’

“The device apparently has a 4G cellular link for tetherless streaming, Amazon Alexa for smart controls, a circular display rimmed by some accent lighting and physical playback toggles tabbed to at least one side of the device.”

Of course, the April 24 announcement may not have anything to do with hardware.

It might simply be Spotify’s long-anticipated launch in India.

The company set up an office in Mumbai in late 2017,  but so far there is no indication when it will start operations there.

Because there are so many regional dialects at play, Spotify would face huge competition from Indian services as Gaana and Saavn.