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Spotify offers free Premium trial for Aussie Vodafone customers

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Spotify offers free Premium trial for Aussie Vodafone customers

users in Australia can now access a free trial of Premium through their mobile account with the telco.

Spotify and Vodafone have worked together previously to bundle their services as part of a mobile phone plan, but now eligible Vodafone users can access a free 30-day trial of the streaming giant’s paid service.

Following the trial, customers can keep the bundle of mobile service and Spotify Premium, paying each month with one convenient bill.

The new partnership is one of four announced by Spotify across the globe.

“Our goal is to make sure Spotify Premium is available wherever our listeners are,” said a statement from Spotify on its official blog.

“That’s why we’re always teaming up with new partners to enable more users to discover Spotify Premium and enjoy the music and podcasts they love. ”

In the US and UK, Spotify is offering a free six-month trial of Spotify Premium to eligible Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers.

French users can also get a six-month trial through Bouygues Telecom, and Brazilian retailer Magalu Conecta is bringing customers four free months of Spotify’s premium service.

“These partnerships will make it even easier for users to experience Spotify Premium and access music and podcasts anytime and on any device,” said VP of premium partnerships Marc Hazan.

“We’re committed to working with world-class partners to provide users with innovative offers and the best experience and value.”

Spotify, DSPs, Millennials

Spotify recently claimed its subscriber growth is now double that of Apple Music, reporting that monthly active users (MAUs) have increased 30% year-on-year to 248 million while subscribers now rank 113 million.

Premium subscribers now account for 45.6% of all users, with Premium outpacing Ad-Support year-on-year.

“We continue to feel very good about our competitive position in the market,” Spotify told shareholders.

“Relative to Apple, the publicly available data shows that we are adding roughly twice as many subscribers per month as they are.”

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