News February 16, 2021

Spotify to boost songwriters and producers with new Noteable hub

Spotify to boost songwriters and producers with new Noteable hub

has launched a new platform called Noteable as a hub for songwriters, publishers and producers.

Noteable consolidates Spotify’s publishing analytics, Songwriter Pages, the recently introduced Songwriters Hub, Soundbetter and Spotify For Artists, with a new website and social media links to encourage collaboration.

In a blog post, the streaming platform said: “Whether you’re a publisher, a brand new songwriter, producer, or have numerous hits under your belt, we look forward to working with you, bringing these resources and opportunities into a new central home and expanding to new regions around the world throughout the year.”

There’s also a newsletter, The Beat Drop, about new opportunities and product updates, along with video series such as The Game Plan and Songwriter Saturdays.

Coming later this year is a series for students and emerging songwriters and producers, titled How I Started, How It’s Going, featuring major producers discussing their career paths, and Song Start, an educational video series with Ali Tamposi and Tamar Kaprelian to coach new songwriters and artists.

There are plans to translate the site’s content into 18 languages over the next year.

Spotify global head of songwriter and publishing relations Jules Parker explained: “It’s all the things we’ve been doing: collectively we’ve had more and more products, tools, ways of interacting with us, opportunities for songwriters, producers and publishers.

“All those different things. We need a thread to run through them and have a home and a destination where people can access information about it.

“It’s a specific space for the publishing side of the industry, but deeply interconnected with everything we’re doing at Spotify.”

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