November 26, 2020

Spotify rolls out new charts in Australia

Spotify rolls out new charts in Australia

Spotify has introduced a handful of its charts to Australia.

The Weekly Top 50 chart celebrates the biggest albums and songs in the world each Monday, with streaming data tracked from the international release day of Friday through to Thursday.

In early October, Spotify extended its daily charts to a weekly rating in the US, seeing it take on the likes of Billboard and Rolling Stone. The weekly charts include a US Weekly Album Chart, a Global Weekly Album Chart, plus a US Weekly Song Chart and a Global Weekly Song Chart.

In addition, the company also launched two new Top 10 Debuts charts – one for the US and one Global – also published each Monday.

The idea was that the new charts would become territory-specific. The Australian debut is part of a roll-out to 46 new markets, which include the UK, India, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Denmark, Malaysia, Germany, Vietnam and Russia.

Within the app, charts are localised for each primary language, while music and podcasts are brought together in the streaming service’s charts hub.

The streaming platform said, “Now, fans and artists across the globe will be able to better share and enjoy pivotal music moments, as well as get a definitive snapshot of what music is having the most local and global impact – from new album releases to new hit singles.”

Spotify’s expansion of music charts comes as Amazon Music adds more background information and trivia to songs with its X-Ray feature. Aside from song lyrics, it provides for global users behind-the-scenes info about the song such as artist’s backstory, who worked on the track, the song’s release date and its top spot on the Billboard charts.