News November 9, 2018

Spotify introduces analytics tool for music publishers

Spotify introduces analytics tool for music publishers

After the success of its for Artists platform, the streaming service has launched in beta Spotify Publishing Analytics.

Hailed by the company as an industry-first, it provides publishers with daily streaming figures for their writers’ recordings and lets them track playlist traffic and view individual data for their writers.

This in turn, says Spotify, lets them ‘gain insights into new opportunities for their songwriters, more efficiently collect royalties on their behalf, and more effectively market their work.”

The streaming service’s head of publishing relations and services, Jules Parker says, “One of our core missions at Spotify is to enable creators the opportunity to live off their art.

“The publishing community is integral in supporting the songwriters that create the music we love.

“With more information, publishers are empowered to make the most of the opportunities the global reach of Spotify provides, and the more information we can share with each other, the more opportunities we can help create for songwriters.”

Spotify worked on the feature with a number of publishers including BMG and Reservoir.

In recent moves, Spotify has included songwriter credits and expanded its Secret Genius program for songwriters and producers.

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