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News October 5, 2021

Spotify launches DJ Mixes in Australia

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Spotify launches DJ Mixes in Australia

Spotify DJ Mixes has launched in Australia, providing local spinners a place to share their own mixed music content and compilations directly on to the platform.

The test roll-out is in eight countries, also taking in the UK, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Ireland and the Netherlands.

“This latest innovation opens up a completely new format for artists to get their music mixes in the hands of their fans and further expand their global audience,” the streaming giant said.

“DJ Mixes provides one integrated place where artists can seamlessly create and connect with their audiences.”

As part of the launch, DJs AmyElle, Adam Beyer, Shingo Nakamara, MOTi, and Noisia each released their own mixes on the platform.

Spotify advised: “In addition to the playlists, you can also check out various existing albums and DJ mixes in the Dance/Electronic microhub.

“DJ Mixes is just beginning to roll out, so fans should expect the experience to continue to evolve over time.

“Users on iOS and Android who have the Spotify app downloaded can listen for themselves.”

DJ mixes appeared on Spotify in continuous form via older CD albums or podcasts, but this is the first time they will be available widely in a track-by-track format.

Spotify’s new move comes hot on the heels of Apple Music’s September announcement it had introduced new technology to identify and monetise DJ mixes—and all the artists involved in the mixes.

It’s not surprising why the two major streaming services are being accommodating towards EDM players.

In a State of Dance Music report issued by Spotify editors in July, the platform is expecting an EDM boom post-pandemic.

This will fuel recent trends in the genre which have seen the wider acceptance of regional sub-styles such as South Africa’s AmaPiano, Brazilian bass, Russian rave and Italo Disco.

A resurgence in underground and bedroom production was forecast, and the power of the internet and streaming has made trends hit quicker than before, the editors reported.

“The sea shanty trend was big for dance artists, and when the Australian dance group Shouse’s ‘Love Tonight’ got picked up by David Guetta, it went viral for a whole new generation of listeners.”


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