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News July 18, 2019

Spotify partners with Disney for new music hub & playlists

Spotify partners with Disney for new music hub & playlists

Finding Nemo on Spotify just got much easier.

The streaming goliath has struck a new partnership with Disney after learning that its users had consumed over two billion minutes of Disney classics in 2019.

The Disney Hub is now available on Spotify, which includes seven new playlists.

Spotify announced on its blog that the new music hub even includes film music from Disney’s recent acquisitions Star Wards and Marvel.

The following playlists can now be streamed by simply searching ‘Disney’ on Spotify:

  • Disney Hits: Stream Disney Hits to hear the top songs from the biggest Disney and Pixar films.
  • Disney Favorites: Like Disney Hits, Disney Favorites will have everyone’s favorite current tunes, plus the ones you loved when you were a child. (You’ve still got a friend in me.)
  • Disney Classics: Kick back with Disney Classics, a nostalgic playlist that includes songs from the Disney Parks, live action and animated classic soundtracks, and songs from Disney Channel originals.
  • Disney Sing-alongs: From the shower to the car, Disney songs that you can’t help but sing along to.
  • Disney Princess: From Belle to Cinderella to Ariel to Moana, Disney Princess has the love ballads as well as the coming-of-age breakaways.
  • Marvel Music: All the best songs and scores from all your favourite Marvel films and shows.
  • Best of Star Wars: Enter, Darth Vader.

As part of the announcement, Spotify revealed the most-streamed Disney songs of all time.

‘Let It Go’ by Idina Menzel (Frozen) was #1, while two other Frozen tracks made the Top 10.

Moana had two songs in the Top 10, while the past month of streaming has been dominated by tracks from live-action Disney remakes including Aladdin and The Lion King.


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