New Music March 6, 2019

SOTD: Noah Kahan’s new anthem is a perfect ‘Mess’

SOTD: Noah Kahan’s new anthem is a perfect ‘Mess’
Image Credit: Josh Goleman

Having hit the highest of heights with breakout single ‘Hurt Somebody’, Noah Kahan now is looking to Aussie radio to propel his new song ‘Mess’ to stardom.

Produced by Joel Little, ‘Mess’ is an instant sing-along with a more anthemic approach to his previous works.

My life has taken a 180-degree turn,” Kahan says. “I’m on a very different path than what I thought I would do. I get nostalgic for the locale where I grew up, because the scenery is so beautiful. Going from this to bigger cities and tours is crazy for me.”

Australia is one of Kahan’s most receptive markets. Alongside Julia Michaels, ‘Hurt Somebody’ slow burned to the top of the TMN Hot 100 Airplay Chart last May and was crowned the #1 single of Q2 2018.

Kahan is gearing up to support Aussie Dean Lewis on his upcoming US and UK tour dates.

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