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New Music May 29, 2019

SOTD: Middle Kids show their softer side

SOTD: Middle Kids show their softer side

Heading towards a bolder and definitive sound, Middle Kids solidify their strong songwriting and knack for delivering killer hooks on their new EP New Songs For Old Problems. 

The Sydney three-piece are no strangers to triple j, the ARIA charts or the Australian touring circuit.

If you’ve attended any Aussie music festival over the past couple of years then you’ve probably witnessed their energetic and angsty indie-rock set. The band tirelessly hit the road in support of their ARIA Top 10 debut album Lost Friends which also scored them a nomination for Best Rock Album. 

Stepping into a confident spotlight, New Songs For Old Problems is an EP that is meant to be experienced live. Each song dives into a new found energy and attitude that perfectly represents the direction their live show has gone in with massive festival sets and euphoric singalong’s from the passionate crowd. 

Their new single ‘Big Softy’ is a grounded track that ties the emotional pull of the collection together. Discussing the complications of moving on from a difficult situation or relationship, lead singer Hannah Joy opens up to listeners in a vulnerable way. 

“It is sometimes hard to go on. Try to find a way to be strong” she confesses in the strong hook. The raw emotions are a lot more prominent on this song compared to the rest of the EP and immediately stands out to listeners as a special moment.

With the accordion stepping into the spotlight during the chorus, the production is lifted in a cinematic way instead of the angsty aggression that some of their previous tracks hold.


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