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News September 11, 2020

Sony Music has over 100 original podcasts in development

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Sony Music has over 100 original podcasts in development

Following the announcement of a series of new partnerships over the past 12 months, Sony Music in the US has revealed nearly 40 new podcasts will launch this year.

Sony Music has over 100 original programs in development, as Bloomberg reported this week, in what’s being touted as the biggest investment in podcasting to-date by a major music label.

TMN understands the label’s Australian business will also shortly reveal a major podcasting play.

Dennis Kooker, global head of Sony Music’s digital business, says the label is ready to cash in on a booming audio business and capitalise on advertisers moving away from radio.

“We have a broad strategy and we want to be in every genre,” Kooker said. “We feel like we have a great story and want to be attracting advertisers.”

Some of the podcasts in development include a music show that analyses hits from the 1990s, and two new programs from director Adam McKay.

Sony Music has already released shows like Morally Indefensible, a companion to FX’s docuseries A Wilderness of Error, and true-crime podcast Smokescreen: Fake Priest.

Kooker says there is a “tremendous opportunity” for revenue from advertising as the industry growth swings the pendulum towards podcasting on streaming platforms like Spotify.

Sony Music executive, Tom MacKay, says podcasting should be considered like its own genre of music, rather than something completely separate.

“The skillset we see is needed in podcasting aligns with our historical skill set on the music side.”

As a result, the major will search for podcast talent in a similar way its A&R teams already scout.

Warner, Mushroom and Universal have also recently launched locally-produced podcasts.


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