News February 11, 2021

Sony/ATV Music Publishing rebrands to Sony Music Publishing

Sony/ATV Music Publishing rebrands to Sony Music Publishing

Sony/ATV Music Publishing has rebranded to Sony Music Publishing, returning to its original name after 25 years.

The rebrand comes with a new logo and mission statement which, according to a statement, “further aligns the business with Sony’s powerful entertainment brands”.

“The central visual of the new brand identity is a refreshed logo, which is designed as an abstraction of sound waves – with resonance and vibrations that express infinitely expanding opportunities for songwriters. Complementing the symbol, the Sony Music Publishing ethos is ‘every voice matters’, elevating the vision and goals of songwriters,” the statement said.

Sony Music Publishing merged with the Michael Jackson-owned ATV Music in 1995. Jackson had acquired ATV in 1985, and by extension the Northern Songs catalogue which included the rights to songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney during their time with The Beatles. Sony acquired the Jackson estate’s share of Sony/ATV in 2016, making it a wholly-owned Sony company.

The rebrand was driven by Sony Music Publishing CEO Jon Platt.

“Since its inception, Sony Music Publishing has supported the careers of songwriters and continues to defend their rights,” Platt said.

“Returning to the Sony Music Publishing name reconnects us to our legacy and further unifies our mission and culture with the Sony Corporation. Our new brand embodies a modern vision to be an authentic reflection of the music and songwriters we represent.”

Sony Music Publishing’s catalogue includes artists such as Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Queen, Carole King, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Kanye West, among others.

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