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Songtradr partners with Sydney labels Art As Catharsis & Worlds Within Worlds [exclusive]

Songtradr partners with Sydney labels Art As Catharsis & Worlds Within Worlds [exclusive]

Music licensing marketplace has partnered with two Sydney-based record labels, Art As Catharsis and Worlds Within Worlds, for distribution, content ID and sync.

Both labels were founded by musician and critic Lachlan Dale, and are totally different.

Art As Catharsis’ wide range of styles accross 145 album releases since 2011 includes progressive, prog, post-rock, hardcore, experimental EDM, doom-drone and jazz experimental pop.

Its roster includes Hashshashin, Turtle Skull, We Lost The Sea, Alarmist, The Physical House Band, Zela Margossian Quintet and Brian Campeau – leading to the label being asked to curate events for Vivid 2018 and 2020.

Worlds Within Worlds specialises in Eastern classical music, with a focus on instrumental music from India, Afghanistan and Iran.

Its acts include Bangladeshi composer Alam Khan (son of the legendary Ali Akbar Khan), rabab virtuoso Qais Essar, 3,14 (a passion project for Spanish native Efren López, table percussionist Ciro Montanari and guitarist and Indian classical music student Jordi Prats), Pakistan’s Gulab Afridi and Afghanistan’s Nassim Khushnawaz.

“We’re excited to announce our new signings with Art As Catharsis and Worlds Within Worlds,” David Sayer, Songtradr’s director of premium music in Melbourne, told TMN exclusively.

“They bring pure talent and diversity that will give our sync roster serious points of difference.”

Songtradr’s platform has over 500,000 users across 130 countries and specializes in music licensing and distribution.

Dale added, “Songtradr has an extensive network with buyers and artists, making it an excellent fit for distribution and sync opportunities.”

Dale plays in four bands – psych-prog Serious Beak, psychedelic post/doom Adrift for Days, sludge/hardcore void Jxckxlz and prog-Middle Eastern-world fusion Hashshashin.

Soon after the formation of Worlds Within Worlds, he travelled through Central Asia with a group of friends including a film maker, tracing and documenting the roots of the music from high altitude ancient towns and border areas.

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