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News June 23, 2022

Songtradr Acquisitions Collect Multiple Wins In AWARD Awards

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Songtradr Acquisitions Collect Multiple Wins In AWARD Awards

Songtradr acquisitions are winning awards.

Brands owned by Los Angeles-based Australian digital music company Songtradr – the world’s largest B2B music licensing marketplace – had numerous wins at the 43rd AWARD Awards.

The awards are produced by the Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association, whose members include creative minds in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

They usually attract around 2,000 entries.  

This year, Songtradr’s winning brands included Big Sync Music, Song Zu (now MassiveMusic) and Resonance Sonic Branding.

The Samsung Performance Enhancing Music project supported athletes at the Tokyo Olympics with personalised audio tracks scientifically designed to create the desired mental and physical response to help them perform at their best.

Isochronic tones were integrated into the music with specific BPM and intense personalisation including personal mantras, moments from former successes and even enlisting the athlete’s favourite artists to be involved.

It won four gold – Branded Audio and Podcasts, Campaign, Innovative Use of Radio & Audio, Original Composition and Production in Audio.

Song Zu took silver for its Sound Design of the Nissan Z ‘Escape’ launch, which was helmed by  Simon Kane, former professional race car driver turned head of sound at Song Zu,

Kane’s approach was to bring to life the car’s two personalities:  “a car that you can drive to the shops or on the race track. 

“I used softer sounds during the slower suburban scenes with the yellow car to make it feel more sophisticated, but at the same time playing Lindsay Jehan’s (Song Zu composer) music underneath to invoke an edginess that is telling you – there’s more than meets the eye. 

“With the blue car, I used harsher, more aggressive engine sounds, cinematic impacts and fast cuts that let you know just how intense this car can be.”

Taking gold for Branded Audio and Podcasts, Individual and silver for Innovative Use of Radio & Audio was Belong’s ‘Audiobook of Limbo’.

It is an offline online wormhole designed over 100 pages to keep Australians entertained while they set up their new phone.

Content covered everything from whale poop, reverse centaurs, the Queen’s hat collection and giant squids to the entire edition of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ printed over eight pages.

Mumbrella Sonic Branding trumped silver for  Sonic Branding.

Resonance worked on the new sound for the media and marketing site.

Resonance creative director and founder Ramesh Sathiah explained the most interesting challenge was to sum up the site’s personality.

“What is the personality, what are we trying to say about the brand? Because it has to cover a lot of uses – podcast, conference, different assets with different uses. 

“So it had to cover a bit of ground. We had to find the balance of all the elements and uses for the brand and then define it down to something simple and clear.”

Getting bronze was McDonalds’ ‘End Of Night’ campaign for Best Use of Existing Music based around workers and party-goers meeting at an outlet in the wee hours.

In this instance it was US singer Betty Hutton’s 1951 song ‘Oh So Quiet’, although Bjork’s 1995 cover was a hit in Australia, reaching #6.

Song Zu provided the music which took bronze for Original Composition in the Suncorp, The Drive.

In it, the finance company, a major sponsor of national netball in this country, highlight the dedication young players and their families put in to reach elite status.


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