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News November 16, 2021

Vitalic Noise Music Group launches song-based publisher Loose Change [EXCLUSIVE]

Vitalic Noise Music Group launches song-based publisher Loose Change [EXCLUSIVE]

Full service music company Vitalic Noise Music Group has launched Loose Change, an independent song-based publisher with a focus on long-term career growth.

Its roster of writers and producers are connected directly to an invite-only Discord channel where opportunities are posted regarding writing, songwriting camps, and where they attend bi-monthly Q&As with established writers and producers.

Recent Loose Change Q&As have seen Platinum-selling Nashville producer and songwriter Aaron C Harmon detail his work in developing Blackbear and working on tracks for Doja Cat and Diplo; while Melbourne producer and songwriter Mark Benedicto (aka New-Haven) spoke on his work with acts like Imagine Dragons, JXN, Kira Puru, and Odd Mob.

Mark Benedicto (aka New-Haven)

Mark Benedicto (aka New-Haven)

Loose Change has partnered with New York and London-based Rough Trade Publishing for the launch. The team-up assists the publisher with royalty admin and creative services via various worldwide sub-publishing partners, as well as third party synch partnerships with Bank Robber US, Gaga Australia, and MOVIDA MÚSICA in Mexico.

Co-founder Justin Katerberg said he launched Loose Change to tackle an issue he has seen with many publishers:

“Our experience on both the management and artist end of the last 10 years has seen that publishers that we’ve worked with have a tendency to see their writers left on their own shortly after signing, and in most cases the records that land are coming from the producer’s own network or from that of their management.”

loose change

Loose Change logo

Co-founder Gav Parry said Loose Change was created to help writers understand their value:

“We wanted to create an environment where not only do we have to practice what we preach, but one where through collaborating with us, the writer finds themselves with both a better understanding of their value, and a strong community around them for years to come.”

The roster currently boasts a number of writers from Australia, Canada, UK, US and Mexico, including Canadian bilingual songwriter and artist Aiza, and Harry Patrick, who is one half of the Future Classic-signed duo Hi-Life.

Aziza. Credit: Matt Barnes

Aiza said: “I’m super thankful to Loose Change for connecting me with dope and prolific songwriters and producers from the US to Australia all the way to Colombia! Their song camps are a lot of fun and definitely pushed me as a writer. I appreciate how they take the time to know their roster and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Harry Patrick said: “Loose Change has been an awesome resource for me to connect with musicians and work on some interesting and exciting  writing opportunities. During the extended lockdown it has been especially valuable to be able to link up with artists and writers from around Australia and overseas over zoom and create. The LC team are also super helpful and have a wide scope of experience and industry reach between them.”

Vitalic Noise was founded by Justin Katerberg in 2010 and has managed the careers of acts acts and producers such as Miami Horror, Hermitude, Bag Raiders, and Little Boots.

Its roster has seen upwards of 5 billion streams across multiple Platinum and Gold  recordings, and has landed placements with brands such as Porsche, Taco Bell,  Samsung, Oreo, Netflix, EA Sports, and Balenciaga.

Justin Katerberg

Justin Katerberg

Katerberg and Gav Parry met via EMI Music A&R Adam “Weez” Booth and when Parry pitched the idea for a single song publisher over tacos in LA, Katerberg brought Parry into the Vitalic Noise team.

“It was never our intent to start a publishing company for the pure sake of ‘starting a publishing company’ or for taking up space in an already crowded industry,” said Katerberg.

“We were keen from the start to only be offering artist-favourable agreements that would support the views and needs that we have as managers and as artists, while building a system that would support the creatives not just in the first weeks of our relationship, but for years to come, while staying as nimble as possible to evolve and grow with technology and industry changes,” he continued.

“We want to be finding talent that is left of centre, ideally Loose Change can grow to fly the flag in US and AU as the go-to publisher to help build out the next wave of upcoming artists that most publishers are not currently servicing,” Katerberg added.

“At the heart of Loose Change is the relationships we forge between our writers. As an artist and manager ourselves, we know how tough the journey can be.”

Parry is part of Brisbane group YesYou and was formerly Program Manager at QMusic/Artist Liaison at BIGSOUND. He also worked with Melbourne startup Muso before he launched music education platform Your Favourite Team in 2020.

Gav Parry

Gav Parry

“We want to be educating and connecting the next generation of artists in an entirely new way,” said Parry. “As the creator economy continues to grow over the coming years publishers, labels and management companies are going to play a major part in the ecosystem.

“We want to be there contributing in a positive way to help artists understand how to have greater control of their journey within the industry, while understanding and making the most out of emerging technologies.”

As part of the launch, Loose Change is looking to add three new writers into the roster, if you’d like to apply jump on the official website.

The Loose Change roster:


Alana Patmore

Beach Season


Chloe Minogue

Damon Trueitt

Emily Krueger


Harry Patrick


Julian Steel


Lemonade Baby


Lui Mateer

Max Mitchell



Sarah Carey


This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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