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Chart Analysis October 12, 2016

Social Media 50 Chart Wrap: Ed Sheeran and Skrillex go head to head

There is not a lot happening within the Top 10 of the TMN Social Media Charts this week with all industry heavyweights holding onto their positions, besides Selena Gomez and Katy Perry who like to switch their #3 and #4 spots occasionally.

Outside of the Top 10 though, we are seeing plenty of interesting movements. Ed Sheeran and Skrillex in particular both pick up their game and jump two spots, with Skrillex sitting at #16 and Ed Sheeran at #12. Perhaps it’s because of Sheeran’srecent collaborations with king of the charts Justin Bieber and Skrillex’s current Vegas residency with Diplo that is upping their social media game. So let’s see how the two go to head-to-head:

On average, over a seven-day period, Ed Sheeran engages a higher audience per day at 25.78% compared to Skrillex at 25.32%. When it comes to Twitter, Ed Sheeran is ranked higher even though Skrillex engages a higher audience per day at 63.96% compared to Ed Sheeran at just 19.79%, despite Ed Sheeran being a renowned funny man when it comes to his tweets.

On Facebook we see the opposite with Skrillex having the higher audience at 0.12% compared to Ed Sheeran’s 0.04%; however Ed Sheeran is ranked higher due to his Facebook channel generating more valuable engagement.

So their big difference really lies in Twiiter with Skrillex having a far larger audience than Ed Sheeran, no doubt his very public online feud with fellow DJ Deadmau5 has had a bit to do with this.

When it comes to overall daily audience, Ed Sheeran takes the cake with just over 6.5 million people, which is 19% bigger than Skrillex who has roughly 5.5 million.

Moving further down the Top 50 Iggy Azalea jumps in front of 5 Second Of Summer, sitting at #22.

Iggy’s daily average engagement across all social media channels is 7.16% making her above the industry average of 4.85%, her strongest tool being Twitter with just over 6 million follows.

Her YouTube channel occupies her largest engaged audience at 7.7 million activities, this number is sure to grow after her announcement of her sophomore album and her latest single Azillion being released just yesterday.

Twitter gets her largest engagement although her Instagram, @thenewclassic, has a higher audience with over 8 million followers worldwide.

BrandDatachartsare based on 41 weighted engagement events across 5 channels – website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube – any social media that accounts for more than 2.5% of the world’s traffic.For further details and charts on radio and streaming,

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