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exclusive News June 14, 2019

Former Mushroom exec launches music promo company [exclusive]

Former Executive Editor
Former Mushroom exec launches music promo company [exclusive]

Cara Williams has traded the safety net of full-time employment to launch a music promo company.

Williams says Slow Clap will specialise in publicity, marketing, campaign management and content development for the independent and underground music and arts scenes.

“I’ve been dreaming about running my own company that combined all my skills for such a long time, and one evening, I decided it was now or never,” she tells TMN exclusively.

“Indeed, the thought of forfeiting steady income for a while was something that I thought a lot about, but once I realised that was the only thing holding me back, the decision was made for me.

“As long as I have the passion and drive to make it work, it will.”

After 15 years in the biz, the former Mushroom Creative House studio manager is no stranger to the music industry.

During her two-year stint at Mushroom’s in-house creative agency in Melbourne, she worked on campaigns major artists, tours, festivals and brands.

Williams also has a competitive edge in her new music promo company. She is as a former journalist and editor of street press masthead Beat Magazine.

“My background as an editor means I have real-world knowledge about what kind of pitches work, and what don’t. I also know what makes an interesting story, understand the type of content – like press shots, film clips or a video content series – a publication will run with, and how best to approach without being a complete pain.

“I also know how to string together a sentence or two, so I’m sure that’s helpful.”

And the inspiration behind the name Slow Clap?

“My partner and I were driving to the country last year, and for no apparent reason, the name just popped into my head.

“I do think it’s a cute little metaphor – a slow clap that builds up in rapturous applause.”

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