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News March 18, 2019

Six shootings in Austin as SXSW winds up

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Six shootings in Austin as SXSW winds up

As South By Southwest wound up over the weekend, there were six separate shootings in Austin, Texas.

Four of the shootings took place in the busy 6th Street and Downtown Entertainment District that is home to the venues and bars that host SXSW events.

There were 860 delegates from Australia – out of 50,000 global visitors registered for music, film and interactive – and countless Australian musicians.

At this stage, none of the Australians are thought to be affected.

Ten people were shot, two with life-threatening injuries.

Five years ago, four SXSW attendees were killed and dozens injured when a 21-year old man ploughed through the crowd at fast speed while evading police.

He is currently serving life in prison.

“We are not going to let our entertainment district be turned into a place where shootings become a common occurrence,” Austin police chief Brian Manley said after the shootings.

50 officers were moved into the area to ensure no further incidents happened.


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