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News November 16, 2022

Andrew Stockdale, Ella Hooper and Pete Murray Sign Up to Signet Campaign

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Andrew Stockdale, Ella Hooper and Pete Murray Sign Up to Signet Campaign

Australian musicians Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother), Ella Hooper (Killing Heidi), Pete Murray and Steph Springs along with World No. 2 air guitarist The Jinja Assassin are fronting a campaign for packaging company Signet.

The campaign features the performers, stripped of their real guitars, communicating the message that Signet can package up the things that people love, however bizarre they may be.

The multi-tiered campaign will run online, on social media and in print. It was crafted by Universal Music’s agency for brands, Bring.

Adam Ireland, general manager of Bring, noted how much fun the agency had with the campaign thanks to the brand’s openness and the artists involved.

“The challenge of achieving genuine cut-through for a packaging brand, a category that can be perceived as bland, really is a marketer’s dream,” he said.

“The creative license we were afforded by Signet made this such a fun campaign to work on. With an idea like this, you really must hold a real conviction that it’ll land with fans. To have four legends of Aussie rock music dive right in the way they did, was all the validation we needed to really push the boat out creatively.

“To see fans genuinely loving the creative marketing of a packing brand is a thrill – it means we’ve done our job.”

Hooper said the campaign was one of the weirdest things she’d ever been asked to do.

“The team were a dream to work with, they really created a safe set to have fun and really get into it. It’s been a blast putting this one out in the wild and seeing the positive reaction from my fans. Is it strange? Sure. But I did it,” she added.

Matt Henry, general manager of marketing and strategy at Signet, said the brand always wants to shake-up its relatively boring product category.

“We want to breathe life into a beige industry with a fun brand personality that closely aligns to our customers – everyday Aussies who are authentic, hardworking and don’t take themselves too seriously, so neither do we,” he said.

“Aussie businesses responded so positively to our faux packaging sponsorships for Air Guitar Australia’s amateur championships, it was a no-brainer to partner with Bring to evolve the idea into working with some of Australia’s most celebrated professional guitarists.

“We can’t wait to continue rolling out awkwardly fun extensions of the campaign in the coming months.”

The content was produced by Milkmoney and directed by Aimee-Lee Curran.

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