News May 9, 2019

Sheppard guitarist Michael Butler yells Geronimo, leaves band

Sheppard guitarist Michael Butler yells Geronimo, leaves band

Sheppard have announced that guitarist Michael Butler has decided to leave the band after seven years.

They posted on social media:  “We will always think of him as a dear friend and an extended member of this family.

“Michael has decided to embark on a new career path and is currently studying full time.

“We understand that international touring is an unpredictably stressful endeavour, and we have nothing but love and appreciation for the time, energy and focus Michael gave to us during his time with the band.

“So Michael, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for holding on and being a part of this crazy ride for so long, we love you and we wish you the best of luck with the next exciting chapter of your life.”

Like the rest of the band, Butler grew up in Queensland, inspired by bands like Green Day, and learning to play by listening to the radio.

He then attended the Conservatorium of Music when he met Amy Sheppard at a club one night, and they got to talking about their music tastes.

Butler has in the past spoken about how hectic their international touring could become – citing a time when they returned to Brisbane from a three month tour, only to be told they had to leave for overseas the next week for another three months – and the challenges of keeping ties with friends and in particular a long time pre-Sheppard relationship.

In 2013 Sheppard replaced drummer Jared Tredly with Dean Gordon.

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