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News May 31, 2019

Seven’s ‘Guitar Gods Goes Cosmic’ returns for second season

Seven’s ‘Guitar Gods Goes Cosmic’ returns for second season

Network Seven is bringing back Guitar Gods Goes Cosmic for a second season on 7mate.

Hosted by Lisa Keller and Dorian Chiiwahwah, it screens at midnight on Sunday, June 2 and repeated at 7.30 am Saturdays and on catch up at

Creator and producer David Loader said of the second season, “There is so much incredible rock being created in Australia at the moment, that just does not get the coverage.

“We are in a golden period of music creativity that isn’t being supported by radio.

“These artists deserve coverage and they deserve to be documented. “

Loader opines that in the current state of radio, “AC/DC would not be able to make it if they started out now.

“Dave Gleeson echoed this comment last year to me in an interview that if the Screaming Jets were starting out now then they would have no hope of making it. “

The first episode features live performances from Diesel, Electric Mary, Palace Of The King and prog rockers Toehider – most of whom, Loader says, have larger followings and media exposure abroad.

This season also sees interviews with Joe Satriani, Perth’s Dave Hole Toto’s Steve Lukather, Tracii Guns and Evanescence’s Jen Marjura with Australian content from The Superjesus, Superheist, prog rockers Circles, blues band Matty T Wall punk trio The Dropbears, Instrumental virtuoso James Norbert Ivanyi, blues legend Geoff Achison, metal band Greystone Canyon and flamenco wah wah duo Opal Ocean

Check out the season teaser here:

Guitar Gods Goes Cosmic has notched up 500 episodes, started out on community TV station C31 with one camera, then to Foxtel Aurora and 7Mate with 12 cameras.


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