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New Signings November 24, 2021

Perth hardcore act Saviour sign to Greyscale Records

Perth hardcore act Saviour sign to Greyscale Records

Perth melodic hardcore act Saviour have signed to independent Melbourne-based label Greyscale Records, celebrating the announcement with the release of new single ‘Reshape Me’.

Greyscale Records launched over five years ago, the brainchild of Ash Hull and Joshua Merriel, and has since built a roster that continues to grow.

The signing of Saviour means they join the likes of Alpha Wolf, Make Them Suffer, Deadlights and Diamond Constructs.

‘Reshape Me’ has existed in one form or another for the past five years, and it just missed the cut on making Saviour’s 2020 album A Lunar Rose.

“Sometimes it feels like everyone else around you is living a happier, more complete life than you are,” the band said of the track.

“And in this track we speak of trying to change negative ways in an attempt to become a better, more complete version of yourself. A version of yourself that people can better appreciate and want to be around.”

‘Reshape Me’ is out now.


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