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News March 30, 2021

Rolling Stone and Young Henrys have released a beer ‘The Unifier’

Rolling Stone and Young Henrys have released a beer ‘The Unifier’

Young Henrys and Rolling Stone have come together to create a limited edition beer. The Unifier is a hazy and hoppy pale ale made from rolled oats, stone fruit and stacks of aroma and flavour.

Working with Rolling Stone Australia, The Unifier is a testament to the game-changers of yesteryear and today and is inspired by music’s role as a vehicle of protest, its capacity to heal divides and bring people together towards creating actual social change. 

From the tunes born out of the 60s anti-war movement, to the 70s punk phenomenon felt across the UK, and 90s hip-hop that served messages against police brutality, the difference is undoubted. Sydney-based brewery, Young Henrys and iconic music and culture publisher Rolling Stone now take a deep dive through the ages to pay the ultimate salute to these artists via The Unifier.   

“We found some incredible, like minded souls in the halls of Rolling Stone and during a conversation over a coffee decided to do something together,” said Young Henrys Co-founder Oscar McMahon on the project’s origin.

“We wanted to make something simple that would make people happy, that could represent our shared belief that music can spread messages of love, understanding and positivity, can be the mouthpiece for the generation that makes it and can give voice to the issues we all face.” 

Brag Media CEO Luke Girgis said the partnership is a love-letter to music fans across Australia.

“Young Henrys’ love for music runs right through their brewery and history, so we are thrilled that they are brewing the first ever Rolling Stone beer in Australia,” said Girgis.

“Together, Young Henrys and Rolling Stone will be taking The Unifier to music fans all across the country. We believe it tastes as good as your favourite record sounds.”

Head to Rolling Stone Australia’s microsite (also accessible via QR code on all packaging) for an in-depth look into the collaboration via the award-winning illustrator, director and animator Robert Grieves, who has created a video that takes viewers through pivotal moments in music history.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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