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News June 25, 2020

rightsHUB has integrated with Jaxsta, Yacast, Gracenote and more

rightsHUB has integrated with Jaxsta, Yacast, Gracenote and more

Online rights and file management platform rightsHUB has announced their integration with numerous music recognition tech companies like Gracenote, DJ Monitor, BMAT, Yacast, Jaxta, and Soundmouse.

Integrating with six of the world’s leading music recognition technology companies, rightsHUB is enabling its users to register songs with musical recognition technology (MRT) easily, all in one single upload.

By integrating these MRT companies, rightsHUB will be playing a key role in tackling issues surrounding both royalty payments and mismatched metadata, alike, with the ability to easily register songs to make it where rights holders supply both rich and accurate metadata to their partners from the start.

Yuri Dokter, CEO & Founder, DJ Monitor noted that the timeliness of reporting MRTs is keen to see this collection of metadata accelerate the world of music: “The better the quality of metadata attached, the greater the chance that usages of works/recordings can be identified and matched to the correct rights holders by the CMOs.


Yuri Dokter, CEO & Founder of DJ Monitor

“By submitting content to DJ Monitor through rightsHUB rights holders’ content will be registered at a high-trust level. High-trust level data ensures acceptance by CMOs, ensuring exploitation is accurately reported and revenues flow correctly.”

Additionally, Joel Stoner, Label Partnerships Manager, Soundmouse has stated that the new system is beyond efficient: “Delivering accurate, complete and error-free data is paramount in today’s royalty reporting landscape, which is increasingly driven by MRTs. rightsHub enables rights owners to manage their data in a single place so it can be delivered to Soundmouse efficiency”.


Joel Stoner, Label Partnerships Manager at Soundmouse

On the new integration, rightsHUB CEO Lee Morrison has noted that it’s “vital that rights holders take responsibility for registering their rights with MRT companies in the same way as they do with their distributors, CMOs and PROs.”

“By offering this service for free to clients we hope rights holders will earn more revenue in the long term. In the past, this has not been possible for rights holders directly, due to them not having the technical capability. With rightsHUB, data can be delivered to all B2B partners at the touch of a button, reducing the need for multiple manual data delivery points”.

Lee Morrison, CEO of rightsHUB 

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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