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News September 20, 2022

Triple J’s Requestival Returns Next Week

Editorial Operations Manager
Triple J’s Requestival Returns Next Week

Requestival will be back on Triple J from 6am on Monday, Sept. 26.

From 6am to 10pm each day from Monday to Friday, every song broadcast on the radio station will be programmed by one of its listeners.

Last year over 80,000 requests were received for listeners’ favourite tunes. Less traditional audio moments were also thrown into the mix, including former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s iconic misogyny speech ‘Not Now, Not Ever’, the theme song of children’s TV show “The Saddle Club”, and the track from the 90s’ television ad “You Wouldn’t Steal a Car”.

Triple J has now put the call out for this year’s edition, with votes opening up from Wednesday, Sept. 20.

The radio brand said the theme this year was “nostalgic throwbacks, pump-up playlists, so-bad-they’re-good-bangers, beloved classics and everything in between”.

“Remember, you’ll be controlling the queue, so make sure the song you request is something people are gonna turn up. We want the tunes that you belt out in the shower or the ones you blast on a road trip with your mates. The songs that wake you up for a 4 a.m. shift and the bangers that get you through the day,” it added.

“There’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ or ‘too-crazy’ request. So, come get it.”

Each listener can request one new song per day. Requests for Triple J’s Requestival can be made via the Triple J app.

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