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Chart Analysis August 14, 2018

Regurgitator race to the top of the Amrap Metro Chart

Regurgitator race to the top of the Amrap Metro Chart

Community radio shows a huge amount of support for Australian music, with almost 40% of music played coming from local artists. Taste-making presenters excel at giving airtime to an incredible spread of what Aussie artists have to offer. The Amrap Metro and Amrap Regional Charts provide insight into what’s getting airplay and attention on community radio each week. Here’s the lowdown on some tunes charting this week.

Regurgitator – Party Looks (#1 Amrap Metro & #4 Amrap Regional)

In an ode to the minimal funk moves pioneered by George Clinton and perfected by Prince, Regurgitator have returned with Party Looks, a wicked tune nicely cut from the same cloth. It’s a straight-up strutter with that trademark brazen Regurgitator cheek that shows they’re only serious about being not too serious at all. Album number nine, HEADROXX, is set to get the freak on further – and Regurgitator after all these years have outfreaked most. Ready to party with this are Hobart’s Edge Radio, Brisbane’s 4ZZZ FM, Radio Adelaide and Victoria’s 979 FM.

SamsaruhSpeaking Fire (#5 Amrap Regional)

Things are moving fast for this 20-year old singer-songwriter from Melbourne. Having already scored slots at Falls Festival last year on the back of her debut single Golden To Thrive, Samsaruh is on single number three now, the powerful Speaking Fire. It’s a song that doesn’t shirk its title, packing a major punch with sound that dips and peaks with a chamber-rock type feel. It’s about reacting to the world going down in flames with a powerful spirit and it captures the essence of self-determination perfectly. The fire burns for Samsaruh at NSW’s Yass FM, Triple H in Victoria’s Horsham and 5GTR in South Australia’s Mount Gambier region.

The Goon SaxMake Time 4 Love (#10 Amrap Metro)

The dream teen trio returns – just before they hit their twenties – with a new single Make Time 4 Love. They’ve added strings, horns and castanets to their charmingly rickety guitar-pop but importantly some hard-won insight alongside their heart-on-sleeve approach. Winningly earnest and never feeling ham-fisted, The Goon Sax prove yet again irresistible with this excellent lead-in to their second album, We’re Not Talking, out soon. Time for The Goon Sax on their airwaves are Perth’s 6RTR FM , Sydney’s FBi Radio and Melbourne’s Triple R.

Tkay MaidzaFlexin’ ft. DUCKWRTH (#2 Amrap Metro)

Tkay Maidza has had a massive couple of years since she dropped debut album TKAY in 2016 gaining home-grown support and international attention with her lyrical dexterity and bold production. Adelaide’s rising rap queen claps-back in 2018 with her latest track Flexin’, a fiery blend of trap bass and UK grime spitting an ode to ‘being yourself and being unapologetic for it.’ With a huge feature from LA prodigy DUCKWRTH, the pair give us an exhilarating taste of what’s to be expected from the new wave of young, uncompromising hip hop artists. Tkay is getting plenty of shout-outs from Radio Adelaide, Brisbane’s 4ZZZ, 5GTR in Mount Gambier and Sydney’s FBi.

Cookin’ On 3 BurnersWarning ft. KAIIT (#2 Amrap Regional)

The sweetest ingredients for a soulful stew have been combined in the latest offering Warning from blue pioneers Cookin’ On 3 Burners as they back up the honeyed vocals of teen powerhouse KAIIT in a tasty, groove fuelled jam. 2018 marks the outfit’s twenty-first year and while their list of previous collaborations is extensive, there is an undeniable symbiosis of eclectic stylings and fresh, fierce rhymes on Warning that establish it as an instant funk classic. Get down with it by tuning into Perth’s 107.3 HFM, Bay FM in Byron and Fraser Coast Community Radio.

See the full Amrap Charts at, or at TMN’s charts page.

The Amrap Charts show the Top 10 tracks ordered for airplay by community broadcasters through the Amrap’s AirIt music distribution service. Amrap is an initiative of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia which distributes new Australian music to community radio stations nationwide & empowers broadcasters to promote new Australian music on air & online. 


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