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New Signings March 25, 2021

Four new label signings at Resist, Ivy League, Broken Stone & Napalm

Four new label signings at Resist, Ivy League, Broken Stone & Napalm

The Australian independent recorded sector remains buoyant with four new signings.

Pridelands @ Resist Records

Melbourne-based, five-piece metal band Pridelands (pictured, above) hs joined the Resist Records roster alongside Parkway Drive, Polaris, Against Me! and I Exist, among others.

“So many of the bands on their roster have influenced us in some way over the years,” guitarist Liam Fowler said.

“Some we consider good friends, and some played a massive part in shaping and inspiring us a decade ago when we were just kids jamming in a garage.”

The first release ‘Heavy Tongue’, about the corruption and mismanagement of the devastating bushfires that raged through Australia in 2019/ 2020, drops just as the band go back on tour with Gracemind.

Sappho @ Ivy League Records

Sappho is the solo project of Alpine singer Phoebe Baker, releasing her debut single ‘Flex’ through Ivy League Records.

“‘Flex’ is about realising you have innate strength and that you can nourish and support that within yourself,” points out Sappho.

“You can fight for yourself, fight to love yourself, and by singing it you can let others know that they too can find that strength and resolve.

“This song is an unabashed mantra, an invocation of inner strength and a celebration of following your heart.”

Imperial Broads @ Broken Stone Records

Sydney trio Imperial Broads hsd partnered with Broken Stone Records/ Remote Control Records, with their first release of the deal a single called ‘Unromantic’ which they launch on Saturday, March 27 at Petersham Bowling Club.

“This is a cheeky clear-eyed take on a love song,” band member Eve Lande says.

“Let’s be honest about the aspects of a long term partnership that are necessity and fantasies about something/someone ‘other’.

“Or, at least, let’s present it that way and keep the good stuff private. A surf guitar break-down doesn’t hurt either!”

The track is off their upcoming sophomore album, produced by Liam Judson.

Imperial Broads describe themselves as “a noisy, deranged, pop explosion led by three singer-songwriters.”

The Ugly Kings @ Napalm Records

Melbourne tortured blues-rock band The Ugly Kings are busy working on their second album after signing a worldwide deal with Austrian rock and metal label Napalm Records.

The band released mini-album Of Sins in 2015, before delivering their full-length debut, Darkness Is My Home, three years later. Their current offering is the Gypsy Queen EP.

“On the brink of recording our brand new album, we feel this partnership comes at the perfect time in our career” while Napalm A&R Sebastian Muench called them “one of the most talented blues-rock bands ever,” The Ugly Kings said of the new signing,


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