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News May 31, 2022

Radio Ratings: How Did The Music Stations Fare in Survey 3?

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Radio Ratings: How Did The Music Stations Fare in Survey 3?

The latest round of radio ratings has been released, with music stations across the country largely seeing a boost in listeners.

In Sydney, the only music stations to suffer a fall in cumulative audience were Southern Cross Austereo’s (SCA) Triple M, which declined 3,000 to 678,000, and 2UE, down 17,000 to 230,000.

The biggest gain came from Nova Entertainment’s Smooth, which jumped 95,000 to 1,133,000 across the measurement period.

Nova Entertainment stablemate Nova 96.9 was also above the 1 million mark, up 11,000 to 1,090,000, as was ARN’s Kiis, which climbed 2,000 to 1,134,000.

Kiis’ Breakfast program “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” had the most listeners in Sydney Breakfast, up 18,000 to 648,000.

The show also topped audience share for the FM Breakfast programs, up 1.1 percentage points to 12.4%.

In Melbourne, the biggest mover was Triple M, which saw its cumulative audience climb 72,000 to 734,000.

Despite the gain, it was the only major commercial music station to remain below 1 million cumulative listeners.

The new leader in terms of cumulative audience is ARN’s Gold, which climbed 36,000 to 1,193,000. Last survey’s leader, SCA’s Fox, dropped 16,000 to 1,174,000.

Nova 100 (up 63,000 to 1,158,000) and Kiis 101.1 (up 1,000 to 1,079,000) also remained above 1 million.

The most listeners in Melbourne Breakfast was Nova’s “Chrissie, Sam and Browny”, up 22,000 to 596,000.

In terms of share though, it was “The Christian O’Connell Show” on Gold which had the highest FM share, down 0.3 to 10.0%.

Gold was also on top overall in terms of share, nudging up 0.1 to 11.5%.

Brisbane saw Nov 106.9 on top, with a cumulative audience of 686,000, a climb off 84,000.

In Breakfast too, Nova’s “Ash, Luttsy and Susie” had the most on 379,000 (up 41,000).

In terms of share, the Brisbane market remained tight, with Nova on top with 11.2%.

ARN’s recently rebranded Kiis 97.3 was up 1.7 percentage points overall to 10.8%, with the soon-to-go 4KQ not far behind with 10.7% (up 1.3). B105 was also right up there with 10.6%.

Nova was also on top in Adelaide, with a cume of 353,000, while ARN’s Mix had the highest share (11.2%) on FM.

In Perth, Nova reigned supreme, with a cume of 580,000 and a share of 13.5%.

It was a tough book for the ABC’s youth-focused Triple J, which suffered dhare declines in all markets except Perth, where it was steady on 6.8%. The biggest drop was in Sydney, where Triple J fell 1.4 points to a 3.9% share.

In cumulative audience, Triple J was up in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney, but suffered declines of 29,000 in Adelaide and 49,000 in Melbourne.

Across the five metro markets, its cumulative audience was down 38,000.


#1 FM Overall: KIIS 106.5 (9.2%)
#1 AM Overall: 2GB (13.0%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Kiis’ Kyle and Jackie O (12.4%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 2GB’s Ben Fordham (15.7%)
#1 FM Drive: WSFM’s Steve Fitton (9.8%)*
#1 AM Drive: ABC’s Richard Glover (8.4%)*

Biggest Mover Up: Smooth (+0.8)
Biggest Mover Down: triple j (-1.4)

Sydney radio ratings winners Survey 3 2022

Sydney radio audience size Survey 3


#1 FM Overall: Gold 104.3 (11.5%)
#1 AM Overall: 3AW (14.7%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Gold’s Christian O’Connell (10.0%)
#1 AM Breakfast: 3AW’s Ross & Russel (19.4%)
#1 FM Drive: Gold’s Dave ‘Higgo’ Higgins (12.0%)
#1 AM Drive: 3AW’s Tom Elliott (11.1%)

Biggest Mover Up: Smooth (+1.7)
Biggest Mover Down: Fox (-0.8)

Melbourne radio ratings winners Survey 3 2022 Melbourne radio audience size Survey 3


#1 FM Overall: Nova 106.9 (11.2%)
#1 AM Overall: 4KQ (10.7%)*
#1 FM Breakfast: B105’s Stav, Abby & Matt (11.7%)
#1 AM Breakfast: ABC Brisbane’s Craig Zonca & Loretta Ryan (10.9%)
#1 FM Drive: Nova’s Kate, Tim & Joel (14.4%)
#1 AM Drive: ABC Brisbane’s Steve Austin (8.5%)

Biggest Mover Up: Triple M (+1.8)
Biggest Mover Down: 4BC and ABC Brisbane (-1.1)

Brisbane radio ratings winners Survey 3 2022 Brisbane radio audience size Survey 3


#1 FM Overall: Mix 102.3 (11.6%)*
#1 AM Overall: ABC Adelaide (12.0%)*
#1 FM Breakfast: Nova’s Ben & Liam (11.1%)
#1 AM Breakfast: ABC Adelaide’s Stacey Lee & Nikolai Beilharz  (16.7%)
#1 FM Drive: Nova’s Kate, Tim & Joel (14.0%)
#1 AM Drive: ABC Radio’s Jules Schiller (9.7%)

Biggest Mover Up: ABC Adelaide (+1.2)
Biggest Mover Down: Triple J (-0.9)

Adelaide radio ratings winners Survey 3 2022Adelaide radio audience size Survey 3


#1 FM Overall: Nova 93.7 (13.5%)
#1 AM Overal: ABC Perth (9.7%)
#1 FM Breakfast: Nova’s Nathan, Nat & Shaun (15.7%)
#1 AM Breakfast: ABC Perth’s Tom Baddeley (11.9%)
#1 FM Drive: Nova’s Kate, Tim & Joel (14.3%)
#1 AM Drive: ABC’s Geoff Hutchison (8.6%)

Biggest Mover Up: ABC Perth (+2.1)
Biggest Mover Down: 96 FM (-1.9)

Perth radio ratings winners Survey 3 2022 Perth radio audience size Survey 3

Stations and shows marked with an asterisks [*] signal a change from the last survey.

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