News November 7, 2018

Queensland DJ Cory Geisler dies at 27

Queensland DJ Cory Geisler dies at 27
Image: Cory Geisler (right) (via Instagram)

Cory Geisler, a popular club DJ and promoter based in Mackay, Queensland, has died at the age of 27.

He reportedly had skin cancer.

The news was confirmed by his sister Brittany, who in a Facebook post described him as “The most kind hearted, free spirit that was deeply loved by everyone that met him” and “A perfectionist, a creator, a challenger, a fighter.”

Other North Queensland DJs described as “a motivator” and “filled with energy”.

American DJ Dr Fresch, who recently toured with him, said they bonded immediately because of his energy and “finding out that our show was the last he promoted hit home hard.”

Geisler, a staple at Queensland festivals including Groovin’ The Moo, also helped set up a DJ collaborative set called Th3 Catch Up, first as a platform for emerging DJs to network and exchange music tracks, and later expanded to it being a music events company.

He worked with the Farmers Markets in Mackay supplying live music for their fashion shows.

He was a keen skater and posted a number of videos online featuring his performances.

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