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News October 27, 2015

Q&A: Adam Alpert discusses his JV with Sony/ATV

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Most know Adam Alpert as the manager behind New York City DJ/production duo The Chainsmokers. Alpert was integral in placing the duo’s track #SELFIE into international consciousness – it hit #3 on the ARIA chart, #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 selling around 900,000 copies in the US, and within the Top 3 on three official international charts – and landing The Chainsmokers’ seven-figure, multi-album publishing deal with Sony/ATV back in May. However as the founder of management company Disruptor Management and record label Disruptor Records, his latest coo in entering a joint venture with Sony/ATV Music Publishing to launch Selector Songs, was always anticipated.

Announced last week, Selector Songs will run alongside Alpert’s Disruptor titles, the record label of which was created in partnership with Sony Music and distributes through the major as part of a strategic artist development deal.

We chat to Alpert about how Selector Songs came about, how it will run alongside his other companies and why it won’t just focus on EDM and pop, as was previously announced.

How did it feel signing a joint venture with the world’s #1 major music publisher?
I couldn’t have dreamed for a better partner than Marty Bandier [CEO, Sony/ATV] and Danny Strick [Co-President, Sony/ATV]. They have created a home for the best writers and artists with a far superior and creative team for administration, A&R, synchronisation, licensing, collection, and new cutting edge applications for music.

You cut your teeth in New York’s EDM scene but was fast to venture out on your own, how many companies do you currently have in the works?
It’s a well rounded umbrella of the trifecta: Disruptor Management, the management and artist development company, Disruptor Records, the label, and Selector Songs, the publishing company.

How did Selector Songs come about?
The goals of these companies is to provide a one stop shop of services with a unified strategy. The name came from my roots in DJ culture as the DJ is the ultimate selector!

How exactly will Selector Songs run alongside Disruptor Management and Disruptor Records?
Being a manager, I have only one concern and that is what is best for the artist’s career as whole. You oversee the different teams working for your artist but you can’t always control them and you don’t always have the same vision or strategy. These companies will work hand in hand and be in constant communication with each other throughout all departments.

What’s Selector Songs’ artist roster looking like?
We have some tremendously talented dance and pop music producers and songwriters as well as some incredible vocalists and topliners we are working with. Signings will happen one at a time with careful focus on each.

Why the focus on pop and EDM talent?
That is what I know and love but I believe all genres are blended already. We will work with musicians of any kind.

Streaming is fast becoming the go-to platform for consumers, what are your views on the current structure and the music publisher’s current role in the digital era?
A music publisher’s role is as important as ever. During this time of digital music consumption, as we transition into new streaming and broadcasting models, we need to make sure our songwriters and artists get the compensation they deserve and at a proper scale.


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