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News November 14, 2018

Prince’s estate has won a $4m lawsuit against posthumous EP producer

Prince’s estate has won a $4m lawsuit against posthumous EP producer

The estate of late rocker Prince has emerged victorious is a lengthy court battle over an unauthorised posthumous EP.

Back in April of 2017, sound engineer, songwriter and producer George Ian Boxill made headlines when he released a previously unheard Prince track. Titled ‘Deliverance’, it was set to be the title-track from a six-song EP which would have been released on the first anniversary of Prince’s death.

“The songs were written and recorded when Prince was an independent artist, protesting what he saw as an unjust music industry,” a press released said at the time.

“In the spirit of that independence, and in supporting Prince’s opinion of major label contracts, Deliverance is being released independently via RMA, a Vancouver, WA, based record company. The majority of all sales of Deliverance will benefit Prince’s estate.”

A legal battle followed almost immediately, removing the title-track from streaming services, and sending it back to the rocker’s legendary vault.

The lawsuit had alleged that Boxill signed a confidentiality agreement stating that any work completed with Prince “would remain Prince’s sole and exclusive property, and claimed that the release of the EP would “permanently and irreparably” damage Prince’s Paisley Park estate.

Now, over 18 months later, Prince’s estate has emerged victorious in this lengthy legal battle.

As The Blast explains, George Ian Boxill has been ordered by a US court to pay Prince’s estate US $3,960,287 in damages, costs, and attorney’s fees.

Back in August, an arbitrator ruled that Boxill breached his contract with Prince by attempting to release the ill-fated EP. As part of this legal ruling, Boxill has now been ordered to hand over any material he obtained from Prince to the late rocker’s estate.

While a judge is yet to officially sign off on the ruling, Boxill’s legal team has reportedly filed documents to have the vacate the decision.

Back in September, Prince’s estate released Piano And A Microphone: 1983, the first official posthumous album from the late musician.

Check out Prince’s ‘Mary Don’t You Weep’:

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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