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April 27, 2020

Fear at the Top: Jaddan Comerford on how Unified has been hit by COVID-19

Fear at the Top: Jaddan Comerford on how Unified has been hit by COVID-19

On the last episode of Fear At The Top, The Brag Media’s CEO Luke Girgis spoke to Geoff Jones, the CEO of 1.3 billion dollar TEG business, whose revenue went to zero following COVID-19’s assault on public gatherings.

As purely a live and ticketing business, TEG had 100% exposure to this virus that very few people saw coming.

Today, we speak to Jaddan Comerford, the CEO and Founder of Unified Music Group.

Unified are a management company, record label, agency, merchandising business and promoter. They are also neutral as they can be, with artists signed to all major record companies, working with almost all major promoters and as far as success is concerned.

There wouldn’t be a chart or major festival line up in the country that didn’t have some sort Unified representation. They are everywhere, and they are truly independent.

It is for this reason Unified can be viewed as somewhat of a barometer for the music industry as a whole.

It’s important for everyone in this industry to understand; what is it like at Unified right now? How do they see the future? What are they planning for?

Listen below as we explore all this with Jaddan for the latest episode of Fear At The Top.



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